DigitalMR – HoraCore Partnership to offer private online communities in Turkey

DigitalMR – HoraCore Partnership to offer private online communities in

DigitalMRand HoraCore are pleased to announce the formation
of a partnership in Turkey.
As of February 2013, HoraCore is the exclusive distributor of DigitalMR’s
eCommunities platform and social media research services.

eCommunities is a software platform that will now allow organisations in
Turkey to recruit private online communities or community panels for the
purposes of marketing research, co-creation, customer activation and
customer advocacy.

The platform is equipped with a range of useful marketing research tools,
most of which have been especially designed by DigitalMR’s researchers and
software engineers in order to bring innovation and efficiency to the
marketing research process. Some of the available tools that enable
engagement with the community members are: Moderated Bulletin Board
Discussions (enabling the use of rich media), Video and Photo Diaries for
ethnography, chat group discussions, One-to-one Live Webcam In-depth
Interviews, User Experience Tests, and Polls.

Both CEOs of DigitalMR and HoraCore were colleagues at Synovate (a top 6
global multinational research company, previously owned by Aegis plc) before
they took the plunge as entrepreneurs – both having recognised the
increasing importance of digital solutions in the marketing research sector.

It is in this spirit DigitalMR’s CEO, Michalis Michael said, “I am thrilled
about this partnership for a number of reasons: Turkey is a growing market
with great potential in the years to come, reconnecting with good colleagues
from Synovate where a high degree of trust is already established and on a
very personal note, my friend Alp is Turkish and I am a Greek Cypriot and we
hope that our partnership will contribute a little to passing on the message
to the people in Cyprus that we can all play a role towards the
reunification of the island by coming closer as people.”

Alp Yener the founder and CEO of HoraCore said, “Our Company is committed to
bringing our clients in Turkey the best of breed solutions for marketing
research. The DigitalMR platform is one more proof that we deliver on this
commitment. I have no doubt that the DigitalMR-HoraCore partnership will
contribute to the growth of the online research sector in Turkey”.

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