Reevoo partners with MyBuys to incorporate online reviews into cross-channel marketing campaigns

26 February 2013

Reevoo, the cloud-based social business solutions provider, and MyBuys, the
leader in Customer-Centric Marketing for retailers and brands, today
announced a partnership to embed trusted user-generated content into
personalized product recommendations, providing online retailers with
enhanced tools to boost consumer engagement and increase sales.

MyBuys captures insights from each consumer interaction with a retailer or
brand and leverages sophisticated algorithms to determine which products an
individual consumer is most likely to buy. Reevoo collects and independently
moderates product reviews from verified customers only, eliminating the risk
of fake or edited reviews. Working together, MyBuys and Reevoo will help
brands establish long-term relationships with their existing and prospective
customers. MyBuys will be utilizing Reevoo’s ratings and reviews across all
channels where retailers connect with consumers – on the ecommerce site,
within personalized emails, via display advertising, on mobile devices and
through social channels.

Ladies prestige footwear retailer Moda in Pelle has already been benefiting
from the partnership. Stephen Sumner, multi-channel sales and marketing
director at Moda in Pelle commented, “The partnership between Reevoo and
MyBuys provides a valuable solution for Moda in Pelle which brings our
social engagement to the next level. This integration will enable us to
seamlessly embed user-generated content into cross-channel personalized
marketing activities driving increases in both conversion and sales.”

“Retailers that incorporate reviews into their personalized content see
significant increases in engagement and conversion, with email conversions
increasing by an average of 17%,” said Chip Overstreet, SVP business and
corporate development at MyBuys. “We’re excited to be partnering with Reevoo
to bring enhanced recommendations across every consumer channel, including
ecommerce sites, email, display ads, mobile devices and social networks.”

Steve Hurn, CEO at Reevoo, added, “By working with MyBuys we’ll be enabling
brands and retailers to better engage with consumers and increase efficacy
of their cross-channel marketing activities. This will also benefit
consumers by helping them to become more informed about their purchases.”

For more information, visit Reevoo and MyBuys at eTail West 2013, in Palm
Desert, Calif. from February 25-28, 2013 at booth #119 and booth #416

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