WOULD I LIE TO YOU? HPI survey reveals how far motorists will go to sell their cars

The latest survey from vehicle information expert, HPI, reveals over a quarter of used car owners (28%) play fast and loose with the truth by telling a so-called ‘white lie’ in order to sell their car. The statistics get even worse for younger car owners (18-25 year olds) with 1 in 3 (33%) admitting to blatantly telling a white lie to secure a quick sale; what’s more 11% would physically hide minor problems with their cars and a devious 9% are actually prepared to turn back the odometer on their car to get a better price.
According to HPI, a good proportion of the 2000 private car owners surveyed (35%) admitted to being ‘selective’ with the truth when it comes to selling on their vehicle, leaving it down to the buyer to ask the vital questions. Just 21% of respondents said they give their car a quick spit and polish before putting it up for sale, without worrying about faults or problems being seen by prospective buyers.

“It would seem that sellers don’t worry too much about the detail and are more interested in getting a good price quickly for the car they are trying to sell, as evidenced in our survey explains www.hpicheck.com Senior Consumer Services Manager, Shane Teskey. “So when buying from a private seller it really pays to ask the right questions about the car you are looking to buy, checking if it’s been in accident, that the finance has been paid in full and that the mileage is correct.”

“In spite of the survey results, buying a car from a private seller doesn’t have to mean relying solely upon their good faith, the HPI Check can offer vital protection from unscrupulous sellers, and it is quick and easy to do, giving instant results. Buyers should make sure that they are aware of all the risks involved, from minor faults right through to worst case scenarios, where the car has been stolen, clocked or previously written-off vehicle, which could see them lose the car and the asking price.”

HPI’s 2013 hit rates, show that there has been a 13% increase in the number of cars clocked, 1 in 4 vehicles was on outstanding finance and more than 30 per day had been reported as stolen by the police. But used car buyers don’t have to take a chance, by visiting www.hpicheck.com they can get the vehicle they are looking to buy checked before parting with their cash.

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How far would you go to sell your car?

Survey based on a sample of 2,000 UK respondents

When selling a second hand item what type of seller normally best describes you?

Choice %
I do everything I can to make the item look as appealing as possible without worrying if there are any hidden faults or problems 21.55% 431
I hide all the faults and problems to avoid telling potential buyers 4.60% 92
I am honest and open about everything I sell 37.20% 744
I try to get the best price for the item I am selling without giving too much away 19.15% 383
I present the item as it is and let the buyer decide 34.80% 696
I explain any problems with the item to help the potential buyer 18.45% 369
I only highlight the key features of the item but don’t disclose any faults or problems 5.45% 109
I’ve been swindled by dodgy sellers in the past and subsequently I’m not as honest / moral as I once was when it comes to selling items 3.25% 65
None of the above / I have never sold second hand items 17.60% 352

Which of the following statements do you agree with?
Choice %
I would be willing to tell a ‘white lie’ in order to sell my car 28.00% 560
I would consider turning back the clock (odometer) in order to get a better price for my car 4.60% 92
I have told a ‘white lie’ in order to sell my car 8.70% 174
I have turned back the clock (odometer) in order to get a better price for my car 3.20% 64
I think that most people tell ‘white lies’ in order to increase their car’s value 26.30% 526
I would expect people to tell ‘white lies’ in order to sell their car 19.15% 383
I have hidden minor problems with my car in order to get a better price when selling 10.80% 216
I have hidden minor problems with my car in order to sell my car faster 6.70% 134
I would consider telling a white lie in order to enhance my dating profile 9.80% 196
I would tell a white lie in order to get a more competitive rate on insurance 9.90% 198
I would tell a white lie to spare someone’s feelings 50.55% 1011
I would tell a white lie to avoid attending an event 43.55% 871
None of the above – I would lie about other things 7.30% 146
None – I never lie about anything 17.85% 357

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