eg solutions commits to fostering young IT talent with DorIS partnership

Company hires five new graduates to tackle ongoing UK IT skills shortage

eg solutions plc (eg) has joined forces with start-up IT services company DorISCentral (DorIS) to discover and mentor graduates from all over the UK, starting with a fresh intake of five individuals.

eg has contracted the graduates for an initial six months, during which DorIS will support and train them in conjunction with the UK National Skills Academy. Each graduate will be mentored by experienced IT professional service and project managers with proven track records. The new intake joins two further graduates recently hired by eg, who are already making a valuable contribution to the business. DorIS and eg will continue to work together to source graduate level talent, giving eg access to a whole host of new skills nationwide.

“The latest unemployment figures for the UK paint an encouraging picture, with more Brits in jobs than ever before,” said Elizabeth Gooch, CEO of eg. “Unfortunately, this hides the real concern which is the rise in youth unemployment. In fact, nearly 4 in 10 of those that are unemployed in the UK are aged between 16 and 24 – that’s school leavers up to post-graduates. Couple that with the alarming lack of IT skills in the UK, and we have an opportunity and a responsibility as successful British businesses to pledge to turn this around.

“By working with DorIS, eg is able to tackle head on the skills shortage in the IT industry as well as injecting a wealth of new talent and blood into growing our business. This project is a step in the right direction and an example for other successful technology businesses who want to develop their workforce with young people,” Gooch explained.

DorIS is dedicated to giving new entrants, including non-graduates to the UK IT industry the opportunity to work with experienced IT professionals and to be part of a new, contemporary organisation designed to deliver IT services in a different way. Its key service is focused on introducing UK-based talent to the IT industry, through training and placement in established organisations. By taking part in the scheme, eg will be contributing to the industry’s ongoing

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