POLIMI Graduate School of Management’s Online MBA Ranked Among Top 10 in the World for the Fourth Consecutive Year

POLIMI Graduate School of Management has once again established itself as one of the best business schools in the world, with its Online MBA ranking in the top 10 of the Financial Times ranking for the fourth year running. The International Flex Executive MBA of the business school, which is part of the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano, is ranked first in Italy, sixth in Europe, and tenth in the world.

In the highly competitive world of business education, POLIMI Graduate School of Management has distinguished itself with its commitment to sustainability, which has strengthened its identity as a B Corp. The International Flex Executive MBA of the school is ranked third in the world for the environmental, social, and governance parameter, which assesses the amount of time devoted to ethical, social, and environmental issues in the core courses.

The Financial Times ranking is based on an analysis of individual assessment parameters, and POLIMI Graduate School of Management has continued to excel in these areas. The Value for Money criterion is ranked fifth, which is calculated based on the post-graduation salary, program costs, duration, and other expenses incurred by students. In addition, the school ranks sixth for international mobility, which refers to the variety of international locations where students found themselves working before, during, and after the Master. The assessment of Career Services has also improved compared to last year.

“This recognition from the Financial Times is an extraordinary achievement,” declared Vittorio Chiesa and Federico Frattini, respectively President and Dean of POLIMI Graduate School of Management. “When we launched a Distance Learning MBA in 2014 – the first in Italy – it was a gamble. The bet we made kicked off a process of innovation and digitalisation of management training which has continued ever since and which, today, allows us to position ourselves among the world’s top players with a cutting-edge technological platform and frontier themes that include the metaverse, AI and human capabilities.”

POLIMI Graduate School of Management’s International Flex Executive MBA allows students to acquire the same skills, build the same network of relationships, and obtain the same degree as with traditional Executive MBA formats. However, the online MBA offers the added benefit of maximum flexibility, enabling students to balance work commitments with their studies. The duration of the Master ranges from 15 to 32 months and is accessible to managers with at least three years of work experience.

POLIMI Graduate School of Management has an impressive portfolio of education offerings, including approximately 40 Masters annually, including seven MBAs and Executive MBAs, 300 management training programs, and a range of tailor-made projects for companies. The business school’s International Flex Executive MBA is based on one of the most advanced digital learning platforms in the world, created in partnership with Microsoft.

POLIMI Graduate School of Management’s International Flex Executive MBA has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the best online MBA programs in the world, thanks to its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and cutting-edge technology. With a focus on human capabilities, AI, and the metaverse, the school is providing its students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the fast-paced world of business.

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