McLaren set to power Formula E racing

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McLaren Electronic Systems Limited (
today announced that it will provide the electric engine, transmission and
electronics for cars that will participate in the FIA’s exciting new Formula
E race series.

McLaren will be a key partner of Spark Racing Technology, which is led by
Frédéric Vasseur and is dedicated to the creation and assembly of the
electric cars participating in the FIA World Championship Formula E.

McLaren and Spark Racing Technology will work together to design and
assemble high performance, highly efficient electric cars which will soon be
racing around cities across the globe.

The FIA Formula E Championship will be launched in 2014. It will solely
feature electric powered cars, will run exclusively in major international
cities and it has all the assets needed to reach a worldwide audience.  As
well as being an exciting new urban race series, it will facilitate the
development of important new electric car technology which could one day
feature in mainstream road cars and be of significant benefit to the

Martin Whitmarsh, CEO McLaren Group and Team Principal of Vodafone McLaren
Mercedes ( “I’m a passionate believer in
the role that motorsport can play in showcasing and spearheading the
development of future technologies, and regard the Formula E concept as an
exciting innovation for global motorsport. McLaren has worked with Frédéric
Vasseur for many years, and our association has been very successful.
Working together in Formula E, McLaren’s world-class technology and Spark
Racing Technology’s expert knowledge will combine to allow both companies to
stay at the forefront of technical innovation and hopefully open up great
opportunities for the racing cars of tomorrow.”

Frédéric Vasseur: “I am proud and happy to give birth to this project that
is innovative and extremely rewarding for a company both technically and
philosophically. Personally, I can write a new chapter, regardless of my
other ventures in motorsport. Confidence and commitment from our partner
McLaren is a guarantee of quality and reliability without which this project
would not have been possible. The association with a globally recognized car
manufacturer is definitely the right way to go. Sport and society are
evolving and Spark Racing Technology is proud to be the pioneer and leader
in the new field of electric cars that will revolutionize the motor racing
industry and attitude.”

Whether it be in the construction of the innovative and highly efficient
McLaren Technology Centre or the use of lightweight carbon fibre structures
in the 12C sports car, McLaren has developed and implemented a range of
innovative technologies that improve environmental performance.  This
commitment to innovation and the environment enabled Vodafone McLaren
Mercedes to be the first Formula 1 team to retain the Carbon Trust Standard
and to be declared ‘carbon neutral’.

About McLaren Electronics

The inside of a Formula 1 car is one of the most hostile environments in the
world. Subject to extremes of heat, vibration, bumps, high-frequency sound
waves and the sharp g-forces brought on by acceleration, braking and
cornering, it’s a less than ideal location for sophisticated electronic
systems. This makes F1 the perfect incubator for such technology.

Founded in 1989 as TAG Electronic Systems, this part of the McLaren Group
aims to make the impossible possible: creating cutting-edge control
electronics that are robust enough to withstand the harshest treatment.

McLaren Electronics is the official electronic control unit supplier to the
FIA Formula 1 World Championship; their systems control the engine, gearbox
and chassis of every car on the grid, and provide real-time data analysis
and telemetry for all the competing teams. Their range of high-performance
sensors generates a rich flow of data which the teams can use to optimise
their performance.

Outside F1, McLaren Electronics is the sole engine control unit (ECU)
supplier to the IZOD IndyCar® Series, and the official ECU supplier to

An ability to fast-track development and make every product robust has
enabled McLaren Electronics to target adjacent markets including high-end
automotive, railway, aerospace and defence applications, and placed the
company at the forefront of the UK’s drive to become a global leader in
high-technology industry.

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