London Company Offers Valentines Treats

Badiani, the award-winning luxury gelato producer, is spreading love this Valentine’s Day with a special collection of treats. The collection, available in all nine of their London boutiques and for nationwide shipping, includes limited-edition, heart-shaped treats. The collection includes heart-shaped pinguinos, which are pink and white heart-shaped gelato lollipops encased in either white chocolate or white chocolate and strawberry shells. They also have heart-shaped gelato cakes, which are handcrafted with creamy Buontalenti gelato on a light sponge base and covered in either pistachio or hazelnut chocolate cream.

In addition to their sweet treats, Badiani is also offering a wine and gelato night at their Chelsea shop on Fulham Road. The evening will include specially paired wines selected from sustainable wineries in Italy, exclusively imported for the shops. They also suggest stopping by for a cup of thick and warming Italian hot chocolate at one of their London locations, like the Chelsea shop or the pink terraced shop at Camden Passage, Angel.

Badiani was founded in Florence in 1932 and is known as one of the most famous gelato producers in the world. All of their recipes are crafted by award-winning gelato-maker Paolo Pomposi, who puts his creative touch into each flavor. This Valentine’s Day, Badiani is encouraging customers to indulge in the love of all things Italian with their specially curated collection.

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