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It’s rare that the opportunity arises to see the very best UK materials research all in one place – and even rarer for such an opportunity to be free. But the Materials KTN are offering just this at their flagship event: the Materials Research Exchange. So if your business relies on materials-based technology this opportunity is not to be missed.

The 2014 Materials Research Exchange will feature a huge exhibition displaying outstanding materials research from the UK’s finest universities and research organisations, which a hand-picked panel will be reviewing in order to make recommendations to the Technology Strategy Board and EPSRC about future opportunities. Plus there are numerous talks, seminars and workshops at this exciting event taking place on 25 February in Coventry.

Exhibitors include the following…


Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, Brunel, Cambridge, Durham, Glasgow, Hertfordshire, Imperial College, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Loughborough, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford, Queen Mary, Reading, Surrey, Sheffield, Southampton, St. Andrews, Strathclyde, Swansea, UCL, Warwick, as well as the SCFED Project

RTOs and Centres of Excellence:

BP ICAM, CERAM, Knowledge Centre Materials Chemistry, MORGAN, National Graphene Institute, Science and Technologies Facilities Council, Specific IKC

Exhibitors from industry:

Artis, ATG Scientific Ltd, Baltex Ltd, Gearing Scientific, Goodfellow Cambridge Limited, Shipbuilders & Ship Repairers Association, Simpleware, Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre.

With so much pioneering research under one roof, as well as talks by eminent industrialists explaining the importance of innovative materials science to their businesses, can you afford not to come?

There is no charge to attend this event, but registration is necessary: is a B2B online publication for the UK business community.
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