National Apprenticeship Week’s long lost brother, Internship

The apprenticeship has a big brother that is often overlooked – the internship. As another successful National Apprenticeship week draws to a close, Inspiring Interns asks if it is perhaps time for a National Internship Week.
The success of National Apprenticeship Week is undeniable – this year registered companies have pledged to recruit over 13,600 new apprentices and apprentices benefit from a dedicated week celebrating the impact apprentices can have on businesses across the UK. At Inspiring Interns we are keen to promote workplace learning. This is reflected in our record of placing over 3,300 interns into good internships: structured learning experiences incorporating work shadowing with an assigned mentor. 66% of these internships have led to permanent, full-time employment.

Ben Rosen, CEO of Inspiring Interns, said:

“We believe that interns lack the support offered to apprentices by the Government: businesses are paid a nominal sum by the Government to hire apprentices but receive no benefit for hiring an intern. Yet a graduate intern normally has a greater positive impact on a company than an apprentice and statistics show that internships are, in fact, more likely to create a permanent job than an apprenticeship.”

Higher education plays an important part of many young peoples’ formative years and must continue to be encouraged as a path to a meaningful career. More recognition of the value internships hold as a stepping-stone from university to the workplace will help greater numbers of graduates to realise the value of their degrees and develop our country’s future leaders in business.

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