Serious Injury Solicitors web site launched in an attempt to obtain fair compensation for victims

Serious injury solicitors launch compensation website

Viewed as ‘ambulance chasers’ and looked down on by many members of the public and business owners alike, law firms specialising in accident claims have seen spectacular growth over recent years. As a nation we have become far more eager to chase claims against those we feel responsible for our misfortunes and although out of court settlements are often leveraged, we are increasingly prepared to pursue matters through the courts where necessary.

The government however, currently plans to make changes to its system for dealing with lower value road traffic accident claim cases. Although this has now been delayed, their approach is clear. By proposing at the same time to introduce low levels of fixed fees for all of these cases it is apparent that the Government regards these claims as simply commodities to be processed in as automated a fashion as possible.

Commenting on the notion of the ‘compensation culture’, Marek Bednarczyk at law firm Hart Brown believes that no one is grateful to have been involved in an accident because it gives them the opportunity to claim compensation. “All they are seeking to do is get the level of compensation which the law says that they are entitled to. It is not just the pain and suffering resulting from their injuries that they are forced to endure but also the disruption to lives and all of the financial consequences such as loss of earnings and the cost of treatment and medication. For most people suffering serious injuries their whole world is turned upside down” concluded Marek Bednarczyk.

Knocking the idea of ‘compensation culture’ on the head, and in an attempt to help those who have suffered serious, probably life changing injuries in accidents, Hart Brown have launched a new Serious Injury Solicitors micro site focusing exclusively on these claims, with the aim to maximise compensation.

“To us our clients are not commodities but individuals who deserve a personal service at what is often a very difficult time, continued Marek Bednarczyk. “All serious injury cases are dealt with by senior lawyers with many years experience of acting for accident victims, whether on the road, in the work place, or in public places.”

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