Revolutionary online publishing tool launches Oct 30th……..

This week will see the launch of an innovative, potentially game-changing piece of technology that is set to alter the way we create, share, and view online content.

Can you remember a time before mobile phones, when you had to wait until you got home or find a phone box to make a call? Or perhaps a long car journey before SatNav, spent trying to study the road atlas whilst holding the steering wheel?

Although we managed at the time, we now wonder how we ever lived without this technology. Cloudpage is no different; while there are many tools available to enable the creation and publishing of content online, Cloudpage is designed specifically to make our lives easier and provide an alternative that could change the way we do things forever. One of the UK’s most influential social media consultants Tony Wood, has been quoted as saying that if you were to invent the internet from scratch, Cloudpage is the way you would go.

In a nutshell, Cloudpage offers users the chance to create a standalone page of information. It’s as immediate and simple as social media, and as powerful as creating your own website. However, unlike most social media applications, Cloudpage has zero design constraints, allowing you to create, manage, and deliver content whenever, and however you want. What’s more, it can be set-up in seconds – all it takes is three, simple clicks. Once you have your page, you can add to it, modify it or share it whenever you wish. In fact it’s so easy to share, that the first 136 people to sign up to Cloudpage in mid-April created 334 pages, and by the end of June, the pages had been viewed 148,879 times!

Those already signed up have found hundreds of uses for it, from creating professional pages, blogging spaces, and company websites, to creating digital invitations, designing eye-catching posters, and publicising events. However, this is by no means all that Cloudpage offers, and really, the possibilities are endless. It makes publishing rich content to the web both easier and much quicker than a website, more spontaneous than a blog, and more flexible than any social media app.

CMS expert and social consultant Nigel Matthews said that “Cloudpage is absolutely brilliant. It is so simple to use and it will blow the socks off people in the industry.”
Tim Bullock, co-founder of New Wave Ventures said that he loved how Cloudpage works, after the tool was used by the company itself to present him with publish password protected business plans, competitor analyses, and product guides.

Cloudpage was developed by Sibilo at its R&D centre in Turkey, and spun out into a separate business as a result of interest shown in the product. Originally, it was designed to address an internal need for publishing a stand-alone web page after the team searched across the web and couldn’t find a solution designed specifically for the job. There were publishing tools available, but they were either too complex, had learning curves, or were limited in the way you could design things. The answer to this was to create something as fast as Twitter or Facebook, but a page of information – a stand-alone page.

Sibilo has been developing web applications and content management systems for over 12 years. It is a Microsoft certified partner and operates ISO 9001. The core business has been developing custom software for other people, and has developed over 50 applications covering a wide range of sectors.

Cloudpage will officially launch at The Web Summit in Dublin – a global gathering of 10,000+ of the World’s Brightest Minds in Technology. Cloudpage itself will be exhibiting as an Alpha Start-up at the summit on Wed 30th, stand no 475. The company is raising investment. is a B2B online publication for the UK business community.
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