Offices also need an MOT, if over 50s are to return to employment

Plans to bring early retirees back into the workforce could face hurdles, warns global workplace creation expert, Unispace. As the UK government looks to address skills shortages with a “midlife MOT” for over 50s, Unispace cautions that workplaces themselves are not attractive to this demographic of workers.

In a study of 3,000 office workers in Europe, Unispace found that 78% of workers over 45 would like to see improvements in their office spaces and environments. The study revealed that 67% of respondents in this age group would be incentivized by free lunches, while 57% would appreciate enhanced amenities.

Additionally, 45% of respondents reported missing the social aspect of the office while working remotely. This highlights the importance of creating a social atmosphere in the workplace to attract and retain over 50s.

Lawrence Mohiuddine, CEO EMEA at Unispace, said: “While the ‘MOT’ plans are a step in the right direction, the role that the office itself plays cannot be ignored. The older workforce values more from the workplace than just a place to work. Social interaction is a big driver for this age group, and firms need to create a workplace that encourages it. Workspaces need their own MOT to be a valuable tool for attraction and retention.”

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