Men Chase Money Rather Than Women

Money and career success are the biggest motivating factors when it comes to young men taking risks – beating even sex, a new survey has found.

Almost eight out of ten men would be prepared to lie if it meant securing their dream job but fewer than three quarters were willing to lie to impress a date.

The poll by online casino discovered that 79% of men aged 18 – 35 would be willing to fabricate their CV and tell lies at a job interview if it meant they could triple their salary.

Yet perhaps surprisingly only 73% said they were willing to tell untruths in order to secure a date with the girl of their dreams.

The survey looked into the risks men were prepared to take to win something they really valued – like a big career move or a hot new lover.

While almost three quarters of those polled said they would think nothing of lying to an attractive women in order to impress her and win a date, a straight laced 27% of the men questioned said they would never lie in order to get a date.

Yet the percentage of men who said their personal integrity would prevent them lying to climb the career ladder was considerably smaller – just 21%.

One 22 year old man said: “I’d lie in a heartbeat if it meant I’d triple my salary but I wouldn’t lie to get a girl into bed. If I had my dream job I’d have no trouble pulling the ladies anyway.

“Women love successful men so the two go hand in hand. I don’t think it’s even wrong to lie on your CV anymore – everyone does it.

“For me being able to think creatively and tell lies in a job interview is a real skill and something employers should value. It proves you can think on your feet and aren’t hemmed in or restricted by pointless rules.”

A spokesman for said: “We were surprised so many men were willing to lie to get to the top. It seems money and career progression matter more to young men these days than even their appeal to the opposite sex.

“However there were plenty of respondents who made the point that they felt more money and greater professional status would make them more popular with woman anyway.”

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