Coventry Council Takes Steps To Improve City Fitness Levels


A series of maps has been released this week. The walking maps provide short, easy routes around Coventry and cover the areas of Tile Hill and Canley, Willenhall, Foleshill and the city centre.

The maps are part of the Coventry on the Move and ‘Walk More, Feel Good’ initiatives which aim  to encourage people to become more active while having fun in the process. They believe that by making simple changes everyone can improve their overall lifestyle, without having to change daily life.

The walking maps have been created to show how easy it is to fit exercise into daily life, however the benefits from walking are not only on people’s health.

The routes offered vary between circular and A to B, taking the user to key areas in Coventry. This means money can be saved on petrol, parking and bus fares, as they offer an alternative and free method of transport. They are designed to be simple and easy so anyone can use them.

maps promo1

Cllr Kamran Caan, Deputy Cabinet Member of Health and Adult Services, said: “Coventry on the Move is all about making changes in our lives to make us more active.

“These walking maps are a great way to encourage us all to walk around the city. It’s such an easy way to exercise without taking up the entire day! The maps are a fun way of identifying with the area around us, and give everyone the opportunity to get to know it better. Not only is it an easy way of exercising but it also benefits our wallets, which is definitely not something to complain about!”

The maps are available for download from, and available to view at the library. They will also have been delivered to anyone who lives in the areas the maps cover.

A short survey has been posted on the website, so make sure to give your feedback. It is available from,

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