Comtec awarded International Accreditation for translation excellence

Exporters working with Midlands-based translations specialist Comtec can be even more certain of 100% accuracy of translated material following recent accreditation to the internationally accepted quality standard EN15038.

The accreditation is awarded by the European Committee for Standardisation and ensures that translation excellence is maintained in all key processes and procedures. The standard also recognises that its holders recruit the highest calibre of linguists with key translation expertise. With a requirement for all linguists to translate into their mother tongue only, the EN15038 standard also requires that translators have specialist knowledge appropriate to different subject areas, such as mechanical engineering, chemicals and bio-science.

At a time when the government is encouraging companies to look to international trade to drive business growth, the UKTI (UK Trade and Investment) is an advocate for high standards in translation. Mick Page, International Trade Advisor at UKTI said: “There are plenty of opportunities for UK businesses to expand into overseas markets. It is vital they are supported in their communications with potential customers by high quality localised marketing and technical materials. With EN15038 accreditation as a benchmark for the sector, exporters can select with confidence a translation company accredited to this standard with whom to partner.”

With over 30 years’ experience in the translation industry, Comtec’s rigorous recruitment process ensures that every member of its team and of its network of translators comes with considerable experience in international trade, and with knowledge of different languages and cultures. The company has always been at the forefront of supporting clients in maintaining brand identity of their products when selling overseas. It was one of the first translation companies in the UK to achieve ISO9001 certification in 1995.

Isabella Moore, founder of Comtec and Director responsible for quality within the company says: “We are one of only a handful of translation companies in the UK to achieve EN15038. We have always strived for excellence in everything we do. This adds a further layer of quality. Clients will have complete confidence and peace of mind that their technical and marketing materials are subject to a rigorous translation process. ISO9001 enabled us to strengthen the quality of our general business operations, but EN15038 takes this a stage further by focusing on the processes specific to the translation industry.”

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