ASOS becomes the number one retailer on Google+ as it turns its attention to new platforms

ASOS has grabbed the number one spot in the latest Google+ league table according to the most recent Social Media Benchmark results from eDigitalResearch. The pure play retailer is turning its attention to growing social sites, such as Google+ and Pinterest, as social media continues to prove its worth to retailers.

Despite having broken through the two million ‘likes’ barrier on Facebook for the first time, ASOS has recently scaled back their presence on the UK’s most popular social media site, choosing to focus its efforts and activity on growing platforms, such as Google+ and Pinterest. Less than 12 months ago, ASOS had a variety of page apps and very high engagement levels with its crowd of devoted Facebook followers. Now, however, just two Facebook page apps remain, whilst their presence of Google+ has grown, including a VIP initiative to help encourage loyal customers to get involved with the brand, helping to promote them to the Google+ number one spot.

Results also show that the use of Pinterest is on the increase, with seven retailers making it straight into the Top 20 league table after launching their Pinterest pages in recent months. However, supermarket chains remain noticeably absent from the Top 20, with just Sainsbury’s and Tesco managing to attract a small pool of followers over the past few months, despite the site offering a simple way to share meal plans and recipe ideas used in marketing elsewhere.

Derek Eccleston, Commercial Director at eDigitalResearch, comments “Established social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, have long proved their worth to retailers. Whilst they failed to make an impact as a valid eCommerce channel, social media sites are a key tool in promoting brands, engaging with customers and supporting marketing messages. As the social media landscape begins to diversify and users grow and adapt, it is important that retailers engage with users across sites and keep aware of developing trends to ensure they are getting the most from their social media strategy.”

Results also seem to suggest that retailers are also focusing less on their Twitter accounts, with engagement levels dropping considerably over the past several months. Whilst top performing brands are still managing to attract a substantial number of new followers, collectively retailers appear to be posting a lot less than they were when compared to the benchmark average across 2012.

Elsewhere in the benchmark, both Topshop and Amazon have stormed past the three million ‘likes’ mark with Amazon continuing to charge up the league table after deploying a successful social media strategy, including the use of sponsored stories.

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