Young Entrepreneur Bucks The Unemployment Trend

Young entrepreneur Chester Mojay-Sinclare, 23, has successfully secured a
six-figure investment for his start-up venture

His new business supports charities with tools for fundraising online and is
now recruiting 10 full-time staff to achieve aggressive growth.

Chester explains that with more than ten angel investors now backing the
business, his next challenge is to hire the right people to join his rapidly
growing team.

“It may sound cliché, but business is all about the people” he said.

“We’re trying to achieve something that has not been done before, that means
we need incredible people to join our team at Charity Checkout.”

Chester says he has sifted through hundreds of CVs and has already hired
four people to fill some of the vacant positions.

He explained, “There are millions of unemployed people out there, but
finding the right people is no mean feat.”

Chester is a recent graduate from University College London, who represented
the UK at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards in New York, last year.

The young entrepreneur is renowned for his unusual entrepreneurial ideas,
such as Stardust Ashes, a much-publicised venture offering to scatter
cremated ashes into the earth’s stratosphere.

His latest business,, is an online donation system
that allows small and medium-sized charities to accept donations via their
own website. The internet start-up now works with over 200 charities, which
Chester says is growing very quickly.

The company was founded in 2009, when Chester won an entrepreneurship
competition run by University College London.

Chester is one of a number of university graduates bucking the trend and
starting their own businesses. With a million young Britons out of work,
many are embracing the spirit of entrepreneurship.

The number of self-employed university graduates is up 46% in just 6 years.
A survey by Hiscox also showed that 40% of London students were running or
starting-up their own businesses.

For further comment:
Please contact Chester Mojay-Sinclare on 01438 940 750.

T: 01438 940 750

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