Sainsbury’s launches a lorry designed specifically for the safety of cyclists and pedestrians.


The vehicle – which will be unveiled by Mayor of London Boris Johnson at City Hall – features 360 degree monitors, extra side lighting for road users at night and low side guards for cyclist safety. It was designed in collaboration with Solomon and Mercedes.


Retail & Operations Director Roger Burnley said: ‘This is an important step in our work to make London’s roads safer. We’ve put an enormous amount of thought and research into creating a truck that we hope will be the safest on the road – for all road users.’


The truck has:


  • New video technology in the cab giving 360 degree vision of the surrounding road
  • New proximity sensors down the sides of the lorry that beep to alert the driver to other road users
  • Side guard extensions and reflective infills to help stop cyclists from falling under the vehicle
  • More indicators along the sides to increase awareness that the truck is turning
  • More downlights along the sides that glow at night, giving the driver more visibility of road users in the dark
  • A warning sticker to alert road users that they are in the driver’s blind spot
  • A tail lift operation warning – so that there will be an audible sound when the tail lift is being lowered – that’s for anyone behind the vehicle
  • Further driver training on higher safety standards in the truck is a B2B online publication for the UK business community.
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