Mum Jane’s unique business book for women gets praise from entrepeneurs and high achievers – including an Everest conqueror!

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Mum Jane’s unique business book
for women gets praise from entrepeneurs
and high achievers – including an Everest conqueror!……………

A raft of entrepreneurs and high achievers have heaped praise on a Shropshire mum for her inspirational b
usiness book for women – launched to coincide with International Womens Day. Many consider the work by
Jane Noble Knight one of the best ever blueprints for women who want to be inspired into achieving greater
things, because it tells the in-depth stories of real women who have made it.

Among the women featured are Rachel Elnaugh, former Dragon’s Den member and founder of Red Letter
Days, and well known business coach Katharine Dever. But praise has come from many others, including
psychotherapist and standup comic, Shelley Bridgman, who said of Jane: “Rarely in life do you meet someone
who really walks the talk”.

Over two years ago Jane set out in a camper van to find hidden stories wich might have otherwise been lost to
future generations. Along the way she secured exclusive, revealing interviews with nine of the top UK-based
women entrepreneurs for her book, after realising that there were very few inspirational business books written
by women for women. ”Almost all business books are written by men, about men and for men. The stories
I have chronicled are about women, and other women can relate to their experiences, giving them hope and
inspiration,” explained Jane.

Nine of the country’s top successful women opened up to her, capturing the imagination of others with the kind of
detail that few, if any, have ever spoken of before; and now the results have been published in The Inspiring Journeys
of Women Entrepreneurs.

Jane, from Newport in Shropshire, says she has been overwhelmed by the response. It includes unprecedented
praise from best-selling author of Do it! or Ditch it, Bev James, and actress Sunita Shroff, who said: “It’s still
tough for us ladies in the business arena, but Jane’s informative and inspirational interviews with nine women
and their revelations, really motivate and guide you. This very calming, kind but dynamic lady has something a little
bit special about her.”

And Susan Harper Todd, the only British woman to sail the Atlantic and climb Everest wrote: “The female pioneers
blazing the trail, some of whom Jane has written about, have shown us that we can all do this.”

Jane says she was inspired by the Pilgrim Mothers, largely unsung women pioneers, whose husbands,
The Pilgrim Fathers, seemed to take all the plaudits. Jane decided to take on the mantle of The Pilgrim Mother to
promote women pioneers, past and present. “I reached out to women I admired and who had been significant in my life.
I wanted to find out for myself and share with others, what these women are about; what makes them tick and
how they became successful.

“The result is The Inspiring Journeys series, of which this is the first. It’s a business book aimed mostly at women.
All the womenin my books have been incredibly open, supportive and generous with their time and commitment to
my cause. The result is a unique chronicle of their personal lives, not just their business persona. I have printed
our conversations as they happened, with some minor editing of course.
“The willingness to share their highs and lows, obstacles and triumphs, innermost secrets and most public challenges,
has been both humbling and enlightening. This is entrepreneurs as you may never have seen them before.”

Vanessa McLean, co-author of Fight for Your Dreams: the Power of Never Giving Up, said when Jane told her
about her prilgrimage, it was clear she was going to create something unique and special. “This book is inspiring
to both women and men, who equally need to hear her message,” she added.

Over a dozen top entrepreneurs and achievers have praised the book, and others are now
queuing up to be part of future editons. Said Jane: “Autobiographies of single entrepreneurs are common, but I
wanted to learn more than what you can read in those self-influenced publications.”

Jane said at first she decided to record interviews purely so there would be a legacy for
future generations. But a year ago she realised the interviews could inspire others if they were in a more structured
book with a distinct message. “Everyone I approached responded positively and I now have enough material for
another book in the series,” revealed Jane.

She said without exception, each woman “radiated a similar message – one of fulfilment, self-empowerment and service.
“They all had their own deeply personal and inspiring story.”
she added.

Jane’s interviews include revealing, descriptions of her subjects entirely inspired by her own observations.
“Carry has a striking, stylish appearance. Her long, straight black hair hangs below her shoulders. She swings her
chair to face me…talks about her life in her rather singsong way….”
from her interview with Carry Sommers, the Fair Trade pioneer.

She goes into unprecedented depth about the ins and outs of business. At one point Carry talks about market stalls,
about having no money and how she wants to encourage today’s teenagers to run businesses, but be ethical.

The Inspiring Journeys of Women Entrepreneurs, Exploring New Ways of Business That Answer Your Calling, is
published by Noble Knight Publishing Ltd and is available as an ebook download from Amazon, priced at £7.99.
Print versions, priced at £12.99, are also available from Amazon.

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