Londoners in Love with Marital Affair

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When it comes to investing in their sex lives, Londoners throw more time,
money and meetings into it than anyone.

Members of have been divulging their online dating
secrets to reveal that Londoners are by far the most prolific, experienced
and dedicated adulterers in the country.

Britain’s most popular discrete adult dating site has studied how its
members in different regions use the site, as well as questioning active
members about how and where they conduct their successful dalliances.

Those based in London log on more frequently than anywhere else in the
country, taking a peek at their messages, winks and notifications an average
three times per day, compared to an average 1.6 times per day for the rest
of the country. More than 40% of members in the capital logon on their smart
phones or other devices on the hoof, compared to only 30% outside of London.

Paul Graham, founder of the website said: “The results showed Londoners were
streets ahead in their enthusiasm for seeking out a sneaky liaison. Perhaps
it’s because the sorts of people who choose life in the capital are more
thrill-seeking than most. Or perhaps it’s because city life breeds a more
worldly attitude and they can accept that a quick fling or a temporary
romance affair doesn’t necessarily mean your marriage and home life has
failed.” is used by some 600,000 members across the country to
look for passion outside of a long-term relationship but it’s also used by
singles looking for casual flings and no-strings sex.

Not only are there more members in London, in proportion to the population,
than any other UK city, the dating site also found that Londoners stay
online longer and arrange more meetings. Randy Londoners average two dates
per month, as opposed to 1.5 elsewhere in the country. The only other place
which matched the capital in keenness to set up meetings was Manchester.

Men and women looking for flirtatious fun in London aren’t shy either,
sending more messages than any other region, particularly women! 30% of
London women said they send between 10-20 messages per week. Scottish women
weren’t far behind, with 25% sending that many.
If you are a woman and don’t live in the capital, it may be worth investing
in a trip. The Men on from London say they are prepared
to spend an average 20% more on a first date than anywhere else. 85% of men
everywhere said they’d be happy to pick up a tab for the first date and
nearly of half of London men said they’d be willing to pay £100 or more for
the first date – compared to just 32% of men in other regions.

But there is a downside. Both men and women from London are more likely to
cancel their date last minute, more than anywhere else in the UK. Paul
Graham concluded: “With such a condensed population, an anonymised
environment and an endless supply of tempting and original rendez vous
spots, Londoners can meet far more easily. But that also means they’re more
likely to have more demanding social lives so may have to cancel. But no
need to worry about that. The site gets busier every day with 700 new
members every day. The whole point to the site isn’t about finding
everlasting love. It’s about replacing passion and fun back into your life.”

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