GoldenBoys : The Unique Online GAY Casino Website!

The open-minded Online casino provider offers players the opportunity to improve their Karma with a new look: the GAY layout.

Licensed online casino provider, GoldenBoysBet , has shown its true colors with a new look as well as the launch of an innovative new feature for customers to change the look and feel of the website to suit their own tastes.

Registered players are now able to login and choose one major new
theme: the Homosexual Theme. More themes will be available soon including
some more risqué themes, which will change the whole look and feel of the

However, changing the themes will have no impact on the overall gaming
experience with customers still be able to enjoy the popular games such as
Dark Knight, Hitman and Mega Moolah as well as the Award winning financial
games offered by GoldenBoys.

Speaking of the new Homosexual layout, the marketing manager Philip at
GoldenBoysBet said, “We have evolved the look and feel of the site over the
past six months and we feel that the new design is far more current and
appealing to our customers. As well as a change to the website we decided
to add the feature for customers who wanted something different. We
therefore added the ability for customers to change the overall look of the
site to suit their own tastes. We have tried to provide lots of choice no
matter what interests or backgrounds people have. We have included some
interesting general themes with great artwork as well as more diverse themes
such as Gay. We believe that we are the first online casino to offer such a
choice to our customers”.

The new themes that will follow are split into two broad categories; general
interests, which include Animal, Futuristic, Post Apocalyptic, Wild West and
Batman; and risqué, which include Erotic, Girlie, Macho, S&M and Geisha.

Whilst the themes themselves may appear to be risqué, there is nothing
offensive or shocking about the artwork. However, if a customer doesn’t
fancy any of these, they can always stick with the new classic design, which
is available in blue, orange and green, and hope that lady luck is smiling
down on them, whichever theme they choose.

Philip at GoldenBoysBet to add:”Even though the themes layouts are not
showing anything shocking, No one could access the themes unless he signs
up, therefore we protect the underage visitors.”

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