On-line Accountant First To Partner With High Street Banks

Following a successful, six-month trialwww.myaccountantfriend.com , one of the UK’s premium on-line accountancy services, is offering its clients direct feeds from a range of high street banks including HSBC.

myaccountantfriend.com is aimed at SMEs, contractors and freelancers and has been designed to save people time and money. As well as simplifying tax and accounting, it also dispenses with the need for manual book-keeping. Using the same on-line security systems as high street banks, client’s information is backed up every fifteen minutes making it a lot more reliable than popping your paperwork in the post.

By adding a direct feed from your bank, myaccountantfriend.com creates an up-to-the-minute picture of your finances, allowing you to track your VAT and tax. As well as avoiding any nasty surprises when the time comes to pay them, it also stops the need to have a mound of paperwork cluttering up your desk.

Commenting on the addition of direct bank feeds, myaccountantfriend.com’s CEO, Iain Morrison, said:

“More and more people are choosing our on-line accountancy service as it’s so easy to use. We’ve even created an app that allows people to take a picture of any receipts using their phone which is immediately incorporated within their accounts.

Whilst the use of technology, such as our new direct bank feeds, is important, all our clients also have access to their own personal accountant. They can call that person on the phone any time or meet up with them in person. It will always be the same person, enabling them to build up trust. At a starting price of £75 a month, myaccountantfriend.com is also cheaper that most accountants”.


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